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Thanks for stopping by. You are here either on purpose, looking for a voice over artist for your e-book, documentary, narration, commercial, or you got lost somewhere in the web search and ended up here by accident. Whatever the case, we are glad you are here, because this is where voices happen

Three years ago we started TikTak Audio to fill the gap caused by the lack of available Macedonian voice talent. We never expected to get tons of request for other Slavic (Macedonia, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Russian and Slovenian) languages. We established cooperation with lots of regional studios and reached to clients as far as Australia. TikTak Audio was a huge success and we quickly built a network of voice talents fro all over the world! Currently, we have 100 voices in 24 different languages and we grow daily.

Our next mission is to eliminate the limitations which companies are facing in their search for the perfect voice for an e-book, radio or TV commercial or e-learning course. Knowing how difficult this can be, we have made a commitment to finding the best voices for your needs. Even if we have to do a custom casting for you! Together, we are creating the future of communication without limits making voices happen everywhere!

What audio services do we offer?

Voice over recording


We record and deliver voice-overs in 20 languages, working with professional voice talents who are native speakers and maintain the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Each client's inquiry is individually accepted and replied. In addition to voice over recording, in some of the languages we are able to offer additional services like translation and extra fast turnaround. You may need to record IVR prompts, audio books, dub a movie or a documentary or create radio or TV commercial – whatever your business project is, we will streamline the operation and deliver a quality audio on the target date and time.

Audio production


From copy-writing, to fully produced audio commercials and dubbing TV shows and documentaries, recording audio books, IVR's and E-learning modules or cartoons - we cover all the bases and we ensure audio quality in accordance to the modern standards, fast turnaround and creative work. Whatever it is, your project will be treated with uttermost importance by out trained sound engineers. If there is something totally different on your mind and has to deal with audio, get in touch – we'll be happy to experiment together.

Translation and subtitling


You have a movie you need to air in Macedonia but it needs translation and titling? Not a problem. Our translations are always done by professional linguists that accurately capture the cultural nuances of your video content. Our translations are not word for word or literal – they read as if they were written in the target language, and are translated in context against the actual video. This will ensure that the movie is well perceived by the audience. The subtitle will be in SRT format, which is the format commonly used by Macedonian broadcasters, ensuring full compatibility with the local play-out systems.


If you are looking for a specific language, voice or tone and delivery style for your e-learning module or an award winning documentary, here you can browse directly through our voice archive based on a few criteria. Our international voice talents are highly trained professionals with experience in the Radio and TV broadcast industry, graduated linguists and media or art professionals who are native speakers of listed languages.

Our voices can be used for a variety of voice over recording tasks including not only simple narration, film dubbing or corporate, e-learning, IVR and commercial production but also timed and synchronized recording of movie trailers and cartoon characters. Send us your inquiry and we will try to answer and give you a quote in around 4 hours, unless you are in a very different time zone

New Updated Voice Bank coming soon!

Market Radio

What is Market Radio?


Market Radio an innovative service that allows you to have a real radio station, with the name of your business and customized content: music genres, jingles and commercials that promote only your company and your brand. If you have a shop, a restaurant, a gym or any other activity where you get customers in your retail space, Market Radio is the service for you. Our product will help you strengthen your brand with the current customers, as well as give you an opportunity to influence their spending habits with the help of music. We will work with you to identify the best music based on your client profile and to ensure that the music played is relevant to your customers. We will produce professional jingles for your Market Radio free of charge and, upon your request, can produce commercials for a nominal fee or you can decide to use the same advertisement you run on local radio or TV stations. The best part is, the commercials can be scheduled to run at certain parts of the day – giving you the tool to run special in-store promotions at different times.

How does this work?


When you decide to use our services, you will be contacted by one of our music experts and together you will decide what type of music will be played in the store, as well as the content of the jingles. Within a few days you will receive our Market Radio box, a special decoder that you simply connect to the Internet and to your speaker system of your store. If you need help you can contact us by phone where an expert will guide you, step by step, to a very rapid installation. To use our service you need only our Market Radio box and a simple internet connection with a router. Our Market Radio box is fully pre-configured and requires no action on your part. For any problem a timely technical service will always be available by phone, in time to shop. And if you want to change music? Just call our customer service by phone or email and you can request changes to jingles, commercial schedule or music categories update. Everything is done in the background and you don't have to task store workers to be charge of the music at all!

Who is it for?

  • Shopping Chain stores
  • GymsHealth Clubs
  • SPA Beaches and Pools
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Fashion outlets

Our voices can be heard on...

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Are you a professional voice over artist? We would be happy to add your voice to our database. Please give us your details and attach a 30 second dry sample.

If you are a client looking for a quote, drop us a note and we will get back to you within 5 hours.

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